Thursday, September 6

Moo cards and celebrations!

Today is a good day, it feels like fall but the sun is shining and it's also a day of celebrations. We signed the papers for our new apartment. Yes, we are finally moving to a bigger place! And today me and J have been together for exactly 3 and a half years! A lot of things to celebrate in other words...We are moving in December so there is still some time before I get my own crafting room!!!;-) I can't wait! We celebrated with coffee and chocolate, then J had to get back to work...
But that is not why I'm blogging today. Yesterday my moo cards arrived. Yes, the much talked about moo cards from flickr. I thought since I'm opening an etsy it would be a good idea to have some cute little calling cards to give out to friend and family.

There are a 100 cards in one pack! I now enjoy laying them all out and just look at them. Fore those of you who don't know about this. Moo cards are little cards made from your own pictures at flickr. You choose which part of the picture that are going to be on your card, which makes them very personal, here are some of mine.
On the back you can write you contacts, like email, etsy and blog addresses and a little picture!
I have also orders stickers with my pictures on them but they have not yet arrived. Fluffy Flowers also got her moo cards recently! So cute!

Be sure to stay tuned for the sweater update tomorrow!


Felicia said...

Love my moos! And yours are pretty too.

Anonymous said...

Hej!! GRATTIS till den nya lägenheten, vad kul för er! =)du får berätta mer sen när jag kommer hem från New York! //Catrin

maria said...

jag är också förtjust i moo, de är perfekta att skicka med sina ihoppysslade alster eller om man deltar i byten etc.

varifrån beställer du klistermärkena? eller är det också moo?


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