Monday, September 10


Between Uni just started and the buying and selling of our home and the fact that next week I start my four week practical training (which means working full time with out pay) I also started two almost three new knitting projects....
Yes, know this is stupid but what can I say?! I love knitting and it's the perfect thing to do now when it's getting darker and colder.

This is going to be a belated birthday gift for a friend, long wrist warmers/sleeves. They are going to be striped black and white in the most soft alpaca! Don't worry, she knows what I'm doing and she has already seen this pic, it was her birthday gift...I have also started on a new shawl for myself in a mohair yarn with blues and browns;-) I can never have to many shawls!

On top of all that, I also bought some yarn at etsy The plucky knitter, on for myself and one as a birthday scarf for J!! This is so fun,I love spending time at etsy!
and apparently I also love having lots to do....

See you!

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Miss*Laurence said...

Cecilia, I think it's good to have the knitting to change your mind from all this paperwork/academic work. I hope you don't mind, I've decided to tag you ( although you don't have to do it) the rules are on my post:
read you soon!


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