Wednesday, September 12

I've been tagged

My moo stickers came today! This is for a little swap I'm doing with memmu but I'll write more about that tomorrow.....Because today I've been tagged! By Miss* Laurence over at Be crafty Be happy

I think I'm the last person in blogland that's been tagged (not sure if that's good or bad) and I don't think there is anything interesting with my life at the moment. All I do is go from Uni to home and somewhere in between I try to squeeze in some blogging.

Here's the rules:
  • Give the link to my tagger and post these rules!
  • write down 7 interesting things about me and share with my readers
  • Tag 7 other bloggers and link to them in the end of my post
  • let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog
So, here goes...

1. When I was bout five my father broke the frames to his glasses, the glass pieces of itself where intact. While looking for his spear pair he put the pieces on the kitchen table where I saw them! To me, the two perfectly shaped pieces of glass looked like a treasure. I took them with me and started to dig a whole in our garden, just by the mailbox (so that I would be able to find them the next day) then my mother came and told me that it was time for bed and I forgot all about the treasure. Until a couple of hours later when both my parents came and woke me up and asked if I had seen my fathers glasses? My reply: No, it must have been Fredrik (My younger brother) who took them! The next day I hurried out to try to dig them up but I couldn't find them! My father had to buy a new pair of glasses and it was not until I was in my late teens before I told them...In other words I lied a lot when I was little.

2. To my big annoyance I can understand a lot of Spanish but hardly speak a sentence!

3. For the most part of my time at Uni I have lived in Sweden but worked in Denmark.

4. After living in New Zealand for a year far far away from my crafting supplies, my creativity almost exploded. It was after coming home I started this blog to get an outlet for all the suppressed creativity that I'd carried around for a year...

5. My mother tough me to knit when I was about 7 or 8 and still I go home to her when here is something that I can't figure out...

6. I'm addicted to flickr and I have to sign in and have a look everyday. On days where I don't have to be at Uni I spend hours looking and forget all about course work...:-)

7. I'm the big sister of two very annoying but o so loveable boys, Fredrik and Adam, after hearing the first story it's a miracle that they still want to hang out with me:-)

Don't judge me to hard...But this was a little about me!

I won't be tagging someone else!

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Miss*Laurence said...

Thanks for playing the game! I'm a flickr addict too, but try to curb the "staring rather than making" time at the moment!


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