Sunday, September 16


Tomorrow turned into a few days...But life happened and a smashed window on my mothers car when I had it...
But that was not what I'm supposed to show you today. I want to show you my new ATC's I made on a fling late Tuesday night. I found a lot of inspiring magazine clips and started to put some ATC's togeter and since it's so addicting I just kept on until the night became early morning:) These are some of the best I have ever made and I love the colours, all in faded pastels and sepia! My favourite at the time!

This is how I start, by laying them all out on a tray and moving the pieces of papers or ribbons around to see where it looks the best. I also often work in rounds, so that I start with one layer of paper and picture and the I walk away form it for a while or work on something else and then come back again to ad another layer. I don't know if this makes sense...

This was my absolute favourite!
Here's the finished ones! I really liked these and should have kept my favourites since most of them are now traded with other ATC artists:) But I'm already working on a new batch for next week!

Do you have a certain way to work on your craft/art?

Enjoy your Sunday!


Gunnels blog said...

De är så läckra dina ATCs! Härliga milda fina färger!Och ett så läckert vintagepaket du lagt ut på flickr, jag har inte kommit igång med mina paket ännu efter sommaren, var så flitig i våras. Ditt fina vita har jag lagt åt sidan ska göra något fint av det tänkte jag! Visste inte att moo fanns i stickers! ska nog skaffa det med så småningom!

Felicia said...

Very pretty! I'm yet to try my hand at an ATC. Love the new blog look.


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