Sunday, September 23

Selling and buying

I've been tired all week from working and neglecting the blog!So, I'll have to start blogging on Sundays which is something I haven't done before (Sundays are lazy days!)

This weekend I, together with my two brothers have been selling our stuff at a local flea market. This was so much fun! We where there both Saturday and Sunday and sold most of our old things. This is such a good way of getting rid of all your old stuff and buying some new;-) Because I did buy a lot!
Here's all my beautiful finds from the weekend! I found bargain prize buttons and bought a whole bunch and cotton yarns and lace! This really comes in hand for all my swaps!The other stuff is for decoration, love the little turquoise candlestick the most!
This is me, my brother and his girl friend. I'm looking real happy here!:-) Now that I can't craft in my home I'll have to get my creative juices flowing from buying supplies instead!

Tomorrow I'm going to do art with the children in school and that way I get some creative outlet, hopefully... I'll see if I can show you some of the work on Tuesday or Wednesday!

Have a good Sunday night!


Felicia said...

Looks like a good trade off with getting rid of the old and acquiring those pretty new things.

Miss*Laurence said...

Love the candlestick too and the white leaf. I stock up for swaps whenever possible too, it makes thrifting so much more fun!


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