Tuesday, September 4

craft & creativity on your vacation

This week I'll continue on the theme: craft & creativity on your vacation. For travelling in Denmark I had my knitting and watercolours with me. This was because I knew there would be losts of beautiful scenery for me to paint and since we travelled by car, knitting was perfect! I have almost finished the started sweater, all that remains is sewing it together and I have already shown you some of the views I painted. But we also went to Stockholm for a couple of days by train. When travelling by train watercolours ain't the best! On the way up I had my podcasts and a book.

But while we where there I bought some new pens! (I love pens!) Artist pens from Faber- Castell. It feels like drawing with a brush and the colors are so rich.
And I also bought this coloring book full of abstract motifs!
This was a perfect "no-brainer" activity on the train home again. Coloring and listening to podcasts, I felt like a child again!:-)

What crafts do you bring on your vacation?

1 comment:

maria said...

vilka ljuvliga pennor! har inte sett dem i de färgerna (jag är dem i "gråskala").


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