Tuesday, June 5

Ceramic Tuesday

It's not always that I like the things I come home with from my ceramics course. So was the case when I yesterday came home with two birdbaths that had gone wrong in the oven. I gave them both to my mother;-) with the excuse that she has a garden to put them in. And now I'm going to see what I think about them in a couple of days...
Instead I'm going to show you what my mothers is making! She is very talented! For the last couple of times she's been doing these heads or busts. She made one of my younger brother that turned out really good and life like. I must show a pic of that next time!
So, this is what I'm giving you today: a lot of pictures of my mothers art and with a feeling of summer!

Today also was my last day at Uni! Since I start working in July I now have a one month summer break!
Have a great day!


Felicia said...

Your mom is super talented :)

Anonymous said...

Superfina krukor och annat Pia har gjort!! jag gillade det rosa vattenbadet och hur det var målat i olika färger!! mycketr sommrigt! hälsa henne från mig! //Catrin


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