Friday, June 8

In my thoughts...

I did some more parcels for the flickr group containing lace, ribbons and yarn this afternoon.
I love making these little parcels, looking through my stash for nice things to give to people all over the world. I like the thought of giving something away that I myself would like to receive. On that not, I would like to give a big thanks to all who reads and writes comments to me.
I would like to do something to show my appreciation of you all and was thinking of some kind of give away...
Stay tuned for a follow up of that thought!

In the mean time, here's a flower to you all!

Have a nice weekend.
See you soon!


maria said...

Beautiful flower!

Ha en skön helg du också :-)

Christine said...

Lovely flower :)

Thank you for voting in the bra contest :)

Felicia said...

Beautiful :)


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