Thursday, June 28

In retrospect...

Last week I read a post over at Felicias blog Fluffy Flowers about her childhood doll. This got me thinking of my childhood toys! And today I finally got around to making a post about my Barbie's. I know, there's a lot to be said about barbie's and not all of it is good. But I loved playing with my barbie's and I did not grow up thinking my body should look like a barbie:-) '

As you probably can see on the pictures my barbie's did not look like the average barbie. At first I had a period when I wanted to become a hairdressers, hence why most of them have very short hair:-) But the longest period of my childhood I wanted to become a designer. I used to sit with the ellos catalogue and look at outfits that I liked and then I sewed them for my barbie's. Sometimes with the help of my mother but later all by myself (which you probably can see)
I think I loved making new clothes for them more than actually playing with them. This is also the same period when I learned to knit. The first sweater I ever knitted was for my barbie, it was in two shades of pink with a incorporated gold thread. I loved it and wished I could make one for myself!I looked and looked but I could not find it now!

So, what I did, then 14 years ago is not much different from what I do now?! I remember getting this overwhelming urge to make something and I'll rush down in the basement to sew something for the barbie's and after a couple of hours I had I good feling again and cold go on with the rest of the day. I'm still creative and I still have these urges to make something. This is probably something that I'll have all my life and that comforts me... Being creative is who I am, and by the looks of it, who I have always been.

This has been a long and kind of philosophical post, hope you could make something out of it:-)
Have a good day!


Caroline said...

hehe. Varför är jag inte förvånad...Men du. Nu har jag en utmaning till dig. Fick en hel låda med pappas gamla medaljer. Vill inte slänga dem, men tycker det är helt värdelöst att ha dem liggandes i en låda. Tänkte på att man kanske kunde göra något roligt av dem...Sedan tänkte jag att sånt tänker du mycket bättre på...

Cecilia said...

Det låter spännande! undrar vad man kan hitta på med alla dem....:-)

Felicia said...

Oh I'm so glad you shared your Barbies! Their outfits are truly groovy. I love that vibrant orange coat. I'm glad I inspired you to dig them out and stroll down memory lane :)


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