Monday, June 11


The weekend has been full of activities! On Friday we had people over for a night with wii-playing! That was a lot of fun;-) On Saturday we went to Copenhagen, the weather was warm and we spent a lot of time sunbathing in a park called Kongens have (The kings garden) and afterwards looking at his castle. We ate at a Italian place and had us some good Danish beer and playing with the thought of moving to the city we love so much...Don't know if it was the beer or not, but now we are seriously looking at the possibilities of living and working in Copenhagen. Just for a while...
Yesterday the weather was so warm here that I had my first swim in the ocean! We brought our new red grill to the beach and had a little barbecue. The water was warm and the sun kept on shining, life couldn't be better!

More to come...

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Anonymous said...

mmm... låter väldigt skönt!! med Köpenhamn som jag håller med är underbart, öl och grillning vid havet!! MER SOMMAR!! //Catrin


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