Thursday, June 14

Ceramic Tuesday

on a Thursday. Here are one of the birdbath I talked about last ceramic Tuesday. I gave them both to my mother and she displayed them so well in her garden that I'm kind of liking them now. I'm letting her keep one and giving one away to J:s mother.
The latest thing I made was this lantern made out of rings and then dipped into a thick colour called antique white. With a big candle in, it gives a beautiful light at night. I'm really pleased with this, I like how the colour turned out and the rustic look.

We are going away to J:s parents this weekend and instead of a flower I'm thinking of giving them both the lantern and the birdbath.


Anonymous said...

HUR GÖR DU MÄNNISKA?? Allt är så himal fint att jag blir helt sjuk! har funderat allvarligt på att säga upp mig och bara pyssal hela dagarna, ja lite som du!! =) jag älskade verkligen lijuslyktorna och de vattenbadet med en fågel skulle jag lätt vilja ha om jag hade en egen trädgård!! Vad tyckte Jans föräldrar om det?? //Catrin

Felicia said...

I love that lantern. The shape and the texture are really neat!


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