Thursday, June 21

A little bit of everything...

I didn't get anything done yesterday! All I got to do was drive to different groceries stores and buy food for about six people! We are going up to my friends house in the woods again and there we'll celebrate Midsummer. We are leaving tonight and it takes some time to plan for a three days stay up there. So, I didn't get to spent time with the sewing machine or make some new birthday cards! But I can show you some of all the tags I've been making these last couple of days. I love making tags and I think I'll sell my teapot and teabag-tags in my etsy shop one day.
I have been mentioning this future etsy store for quite a while now, and today I have created an account on etsy. This is the first step towards my own online shop! So, this is a sneak peak on what is going into my shop!!!!:-)

Have a great weekend and to all of you that are celebrating Midsummer:
Glad midsommar på er allihop!

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Felicia said...

Your tags are awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing your store. Have fun in the woods!


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