Friday, June 8

More mail goodies!

I don't always spend time in my mothers garden, even if it looks like it from the past couple of posts. It's always extra fun to be home then I get fun packages in the mail, like today! I received three different secret parcels, one from Moline, maria nenita and lily.lemon

Another good thing with all these swaps that I'm in: I get to see other peoples Moo-cards! I'm going to get me some of my own one day! You can make them out of your flickr photos with all your details on the back and then they work as a calling cards. This is from maria nenita, Moline and HeatherSB
This is a secret parcel- textile from maria nenita. She has two blogs one in Swedish and one in English.
This is the parcel I got from lily. lemon
And from Moline

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Felicia said...

What awesome treasures you've received :)


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