Tuesday, February 13

Crafting for real

Even though I have been sick, had a birthday party and got a new love in my life I have had some time to craft some small things!
In between my migraine attacks I found a description on how to make your own little paper bags. It was so easy that I made four in less than 20 minutes and they turned out to look really cute. I think I'll use them for gift bags, I know someone whose birthday is coming up in a couple of days..
I also made two new bracelets just a couple of hours before my guests arrived for the party.
I had to have a bracelet that matched my necklace and since I liked how the first one turned out, I quickly made a second one just a bit different.

This one is made with nylon thread and the leafs are the lock.
This one is made with rubber band, so it fits everyone!
This bag is made out of old wall paper, it's a bit thicker than normal paper and more stable.
These are made out of ordinary paper, with holes for the ribbon and I cut the edges a bit different on them all.

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Anonymous said...

Great.. I'll definitely try all of these..


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