Monday, February 5

Looking at things from a distance

A while back I made a chandelier out of steel wire and pink coloured beads. When I was finished with it I didn't like it as much as I had hoped for...That can happen some times when working on a project for a long time...
So, I gave it to my mother, she always like what I do (I guess that comes with being a mother..) She hung it in her study and put multi coloured candles in it. Today I looked at it again and liked it! ;-) Not so much that I want it back ;-) but pleased that she like it and that she made something good looking out of it!
Sometimes you just need some distance to what you're working on and then you start to see the beauty of it!

Now I want to make a new one that looks even better! I could hang it on our balcony in spring time, It would look perfect there! I'll let you know how the project turns out in the future!
Now, I'm going to bed! Good night all!

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tyn said...

Hey there!
Your name was drawn at the Pookieville blog party!!!!!
Send my your mailing address and I will put your little pack in the mail.



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