Wednesday, February 14

The hearts that are in my home

Suitable for a valentine's day post I'll show some hearts that I have been making the last couple of weeks. Hanging hearts decorated with beads and ribbons. You can use them for almost everything decorating a gift, hanging in the window or as a decoration on your candlestick. They are easy to make, just bend a steel wire to the shape of a heart and with the use of a thin steel wire you attach the beads. In the end put a matching ribbon and it's finished!

These three hanging hearts I gave to my mother for her to hang in her windows.

These two hearts are smaller and I have hung them over our bed.
These two hearts move around a bit, here they are decorating my candlesticks but they can also be given away as a decorating element on a gift wrapper!
Happy Valentine's day again everybody!

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Anonymous said...

Glad ALLA HJÄRTANS DAG-på dig också!! hjärtana är väkldigt fina! /Catrin


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