Tuesday, February 27

I'm back!

I've been gone for a long time now...We have been house sitting for my mother for a week.
While we where stuck here in a icy cold, windy and snowy Sweden they went to the Azores, the lucky bastards! Well the good thing about house sitting is that I got to have her sewing machine all to myself and unlimited access to her fabric stash!!!:-)
This week there has been so much snow in these parts of Sweden that all transportations stopped! Which meant that I got several days where I could do nothing but stay inside and craft! So, this week I have lots to show you all!

This Monday I bought a laminating machine!! I have wanted one for ages but never had the money and the opportunity at the same time. I bought this for 149 SEK at Netto!!(I do make a lot of crafting bargains at this place!) Do I have to say that I love it??!! The same night I made millions of bookmarks to everyone. This is also really good for when I start working as a teacher, because now I can create school materials that the children can play with and do what ever they want and it will last long!
So far, non of the bookmarks where nice enough to show you but who knows in the future.
I'll continue to work on them!

I'll post more tomorrow, good night!


pbcb la said...

Glad you rcvd the Valentine! Oh my, sorry it was so late!

tyn said...

So glad that the paper got there! That is funny about the text. I didn't even think about it, for me it was a great find at the Salvation army, for you just everyday!!!
funny. Anyway- enjoy


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