Tuesday, February 13

A new love in my life!

A lot has been happening this weekend. This little thing came into our life's on Saturday, his name is going to be Emil from the famous Astrid Lindgren books. (A Swedish children's book writer) The name is suiting for him because he makes a lot of mischief! Biting in my ribbons and books and loves to play with my new buttons!!! (See next post) But he is soo cute when he sleeps! And he is not going to live with us for ever, just for a period when he is not allowed to go out side...

So cute!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kunde inte hjälpa det men jag var tvungen att tjuv-kika på kattungen! ohh... så söt han är!! Han liknar en blandning mella min katt och Alfred. SÅ SÖT!!


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