Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's day everybody!

I have a lot to show you today. Here are some of the cards that I sent in to the Valentine's postcard swap. Go to my flickr to see more of them.

These are made with a "paper quilting technique". Which means that I sewed the papers on to each other. The button is also sewed on to the paper but the heart I used a glue gun to attach.
Here I mostly used glue to attach the ornaments and the ribbons.


Anonymous said...

Korten är så tok-fina, du måste visa mig vad du använder för material imorgon!! Sen måste du visa hur du gör!! //Catrin

Lauren said...

Looks great! I am a fabric gal but might try paper! Look at my quilts on my blog that show I use paper piecing method but never sewing actual paper.


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