Friday, February 9

My inspiration journal

I read a lot of Danish and Swedish internal decorating magazines, the two best being Bolig liv and Lantliv.
Boligliv is full of great ideas for home projects like sewing a cover for your sewing machine, decorating for Easter or new pillows for the sofa. All in a price that is suitable for a student!

Lantliv on the other hand is a bit more expensive but they have beautiful pictures and make me dream about one day living in a bigger place and being able to have a whole room for my crafting!
I cut out the ideas or the pictures that I like the best and put them in my inspiration journal. so, that a day when I have time I can go back to the journal and just look at the lovely pictures or I can make something!

How about this, make decorations out of your favourite pattern fabric and hang them in some branches for Easter? How about a cover for the teapot or a vase made out of little scraps of fabric glued to a glass jar? Getting some ideas?
Just beautiful pictures can get my inspiration going!
Of course I have to decorate the pictures a little myself, can't just cut and paste all the time:-)
This was one of my ways to keep the creativity under control, what do you do?

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