Tuesday, February 6

New cards

I made some new cards yesterday with buttons and butterflies. But I like the butterflies best, I don't think that I should have glued on the buttons but sewed them on instead.
I used some old wallpaper that I bought in Copenhagen for a lot of money (I should look for wallpaper in thrift stores instead...) and buttons from my mothers stash.
Can I just say that I love buttons, and wish that I had my own stash! Out of happiness, I made button art out of some of her buttons. Go and see it on my flickr.

I should also look for old buttons in thrift stores! But until then, I'll hang a lot at my mothers;-) There is a lot of reasons to be at her place and not mine, fabrics, yarn and she has a sewing machine!....and she cooks great food...:-)

I also have to tell you that my name was drawn in a blog party-thingy and now Tyn is going to send a little package for me in the mail! I can't wait! ;-)
Craft on everybody!

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