Saturday, February 17

paper bag tutorial

For these bags I used a thin hand made paper with roses on. But you can use any paper that you have at hand and you can alter the template to make it bigger, smaller, thinner or longer! You can even make it wider! Your imagination is the limit!

Material: Paper, pen, scissors, glue and what ever you want to decorate the bag with.
I also used a ruler to help me fold straight after the lines.

First of all you have to draw a template. With the lines on the inside. The dotted lines are where you should fold the opposite way on the sides of the bag.
There are a picture of the bag when it's been folded and ready to glue together.
Start with gluing the bottom of the bag together, with one slip on top of the other. So, you just have to put glue on one of the slips.
Here a picture of when I'm gluing the sides together. Do this last and make sure that the bottom is dry before gluing.
Now the bag is finished!
For a closing, I sewed a button on and used a ribbon to tie around the button. But you can also punch two holes and pull a ribbon through. As I said, your imagination is your limit!

Hope this made sense and if not, please let me know!
Happy bag making!

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