Tuesday, April 3

Ceramic Tuesday

As usual on Tuesdays I'll show you my latest creation from my course. These are the mugs I was talking about last Tuesday. I like how the turquoise colour turned out together with the brown! They are rough and look really home made and I'm not sure if I'll use them for drinking. We tried drinking tea out of them yesterday and they are not really practical since they have no handle...I also made a little jug for milk or cream and I think I'll use that one.

I like the colour combination of turquoise and brown so much that I'm already making more things with those colours!
Next week I'll be changing ceramic Tuesday to Wednesday

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mycket mycket fina muggar! De kanske inte va så praktiskt att dricka ur så ser de inbjudande ut att dricka en chai-latte eller något annat gott!! /Catrin


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