Wednesday, April 4

Quilting for real!

I have wanted to do it for ages and today it finally happened. I have quilted for the first time!
As usual when I'm sewing I was at my mothers...I really have to have a sewing machine soon! And I was looking at her fabric stash and noticed that she had a lot of little scraps of fabric in lovely faded blue colours. Since it was fabric from curtains from when I was little I just had to make something out of them. So, now I making a new handbag with the handles from the bag I bought at the flea market. I'm so happy about this as it turned out to be really fun to quilt and looks good too.

When I was on the floor making the squares for my quilt this little tiger was in his cage next to me and watching me. He is cute...
Here are the front piece for the bag. Tonight I only made the two fronts and later I'm using a transparent white fabric with stars on for lining. It's going to be a perfect bag for spring!

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