Thursday, April 19

Long Wednesday

Wednesdays are long days..I have told you before that I take two parallel courses this semester. And on Wednesdays I often have a lecture from my Art in school- course too eight a clock at night. Yesterday we when to an art exhibition in Denmark, at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. We went to see Cindy Sherman - 30 years of staged photography. It's a exhibition entirely with photos of the artist herself in different taken identities. Sometimes it's amazing how all these portrait of different women are in fact the same women, Cindy. It's a exhibition seen in retrospect, so it's photos taken from the beginning when she was an Art student too when she became an acknowledge artist. If you get the chance, go and see it and be amazed and a bit scared!
This is a view of the train station at Humlebæk in Denmark. If you ever want to go to Louisiana, it's here you should stop. I liked the evening light and since I had taken the camera with me, I should use it!
This is a three dimensional work by a Danish artist that I can't find the name on. I know it's a he and that he made this architectural thing for Louisiana. If anyone out there know more about this than me. please write me a comment. It stands at the train station in Humlebæk.

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