Sunday, April 15

Dirty sites and sunbathing

This weekend the weather made it hard to I spent a lot of time in these. Alternating the reading, crafting and sunbathing! I also took some lovely photos of my mothers garden that are exploding now! Look at the tulips!
I'll show you what I made tomorrow but first you have to go and look at this site.
So cute, but o so dirty! I want one! ;-)
I like the Just good boys get presents or I love porn t-shirts. Which one is your favourite?

Come back tomorrow and I'll show you what I made this weekend!


Anonymous said...

A preschool teacher with an I love porn t-shirt?! Bad idea I think.

Cecilia said...

Have you seen the t-shirts? They look perfect for a teacher, it's so boring when we all look a like!

Anonymous said...

Yes I have and the t-shirt is nice.. it is the text thats the problem. We dont all have to look the same, but to send out a message to children about porn is very wrong. If you dont understand that you should not work as a teacher.

Cecilia said...

I'm glad to see that my text is thought provoking enough write a comment to.
But before this discussion goes any further I just want to say that the post is written with a lot of humour and a little irony.


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