Tuesday, April 10

Swap- bot

Flickr and Blogger wasn't enough for me I had to join swap-bot too. I love doing swaps with people around the world and now I'm in three swaps over there. My first one is called A cup of tea and a magazine page-swap. This means that I get one partner and I have send a page/article from a magazine and tea. I have sent a whole magazine since I couldn't just choose one article and I also sent my swap partner a article from a Swedish mag. The tea is from a typical Swedish blend called "The old south" which I really like. I just hope the one I'm sending to will like it!
Other swaps I'm in: Mixed beads matchbox and Pink and brown goodies
This is my first swap and I have heard that some people don't get anything...hope I won't be disappointed...
If you're not already in swap-bot, do join in! It's fun just to put a package together!

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