Tuesday, April 3


We made a trip to J:s parents this weekend and the weather was great! We went for walks in the woods and a trip to a country shop full with inspiration on how to decorate your home with old vintage stuff. I took a lot of pictures and even bought some things but we forgot the digital camera at his parents...and now I won't see my beloved (the camera) in more than a month!!!
So, now I'm using my brothers camera for a while but I'm not really sure how to take good pictures with it. But I guess I'll learn...

So, I won't be able to show the pictures of our trip but I can share with you my bargains at a thrift shop close to where his parents live. I bought lace to use in collages and a handbag that I'm probably going to redo and some beautiful cards. We also bought new wallpaper for our hallway. We are doing that in the Easter holiday and I'll post pic of that when we are finished. I have a lot to post this week!

Here are the hearts that I began working on before the weekend trip. Sorry about the bad pic..
A close up on one of the hearts
Here are my bargains!;-)

By the way, I did some knitting on the way up and now both the backside and the front of my sweater is finished! Jay! And as soon as I have had some help with how to make the neckline I'll also blog about it..And, let's just hope that we don't forget something else for a while now...

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