Friday, April 20

Inside my brain

Yesterday Picasa2 was installed on my computer! This means that you will see a whole lot of different collages here instead of just single pictures. While installing Picasa I noticed that I have a lot of photographs and I don't use them more than once. This lead me to thinking that I going to introduce a new feature in this blog. A monthly summery of my crafts for each month. This way, I'll have a general survey of my makings.
I'll try it and see if it's a concept that works...
If I'm not constantly working on something or if I don't produce finished results my creativity can make me stressed or leave me with a unsatisfied feeling. And I wander around feeling lost and restless. To avoid these feeling I craft as much as possible and if I don't craft, I think about crafting!

This collage is a picture of what's going on in my head or in actual life. The family tree, the garland, the calender with birds and the paper folder are all things that I would like to make in the near future. As gifts for friends and family or as decoration for up coming party's. In the middle there is a bag knitted out of torn plastic bags. This is a big project that I have been working on for quite a while. But I'm not making bags but recycle containers to put cans, glass and other thing we throw out. I'll blog more about this when I finished with it...All the other things are also work in progress or as some call it UFO's. (Unfinished objects) ;-)

Have a good Friday!

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Felicia said...

Pretty collage. :)


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