Tuesday, April 24

Matchbox shrines

Two matchbox shrines are finished and sent off to their owners! This is just a sneak peak on how they look on the outside. I sent them off today so they won't arrive in a couple of days and when I know they have been received I'll post a pic of the content.

This one is wrapped in a purple Thai silk fabric with a big purple button. The card I made from one of my own photos in photoshop. The text reads, "Imagine living in a flower".
Hope she'll enjoy it!
This one is wrapped in paper ;-) with wooden beads as decoration. The content is all in the same colours as outside.
This was so fun to make! I have one more swap that involves matchboxes so now I'm hooked!


Felicia said...

How cute!

Anonymous said...

Det var riktigt fint, men vad är det du har använt som stomme så att säga??

Anonymous said...

Det där ovan (den anonyma) är jag... Catrin

Anonymous said...

tändsticksarkar som stomme. Lätt som en plätt!
/Cecilia (sitter i skolan och har gjömt mina lösenord)

Anonymous said...

och så kan jag inte stava...


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