Friday, April 6

From coffee & tomatored to bronze & white

We've been busy this Easter holiday. We have repainted our kitchen since my dear partner splashed coffee all over the white kitchen walls... ;) He will hear about this one for a long time!
He was making espresso coffee on the stove and it was not working as it should so the coffee inside it exploded all over the kitchen!!!
So, we had to repaint and since we had to do that we might as well hang some new wallpaper in the hall. So, that is what we have been doing this past two days and I have to say we are very pleased with the result! Now all that's missing is a new carpet, we where thinking a rectangular dark brown one but we have not found one we like just yet.

I like this bronze coloured wallpaper a lot! Now all that's missing is doorknobs so that we can open our wardrobes and a nice carpet to walk on.
We bought some green coloured tiles from New Zealand when we lived there and now finally they have a place to hang. You really can't see them on this picture, but I'll tell you, they are beautiful!

Here's how it looked before...I liked this when I first moved in but you can grow tired of tomato red...

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Det blev verkligen URSNYGGT med de nya tapeterna i hallen. Verkligen supersnygga!! var hi´ttade ni dem någonstans? Och hur går det med köket, har ni börjat måla luckorna och så? Men hallen blev så mycket snyggare nu.... =) ibland är det kanske bra att spilla kaffe... hahah //Catrin

Sara said...


Cecilia said...

Vi ska inte måla luckorna (Jan stänkte inte där..) utan vi målade bara väggarna så det ser likadant ut. Men jag skulle i framtiden vilja måla om vi får se.
Tapeterna köpte vi på Mairo i Ronneby. Det brukade ligga en butik på väla norra vid sidan om In Wear-butiken. Vet du vad jag menar?Men är inte säker på om den ligger kvar.. Jag gillar oxå tapeten väldigt mycket!


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