Tuesday, April 17


Lately, I've been noticing a lot of crafts done with matchboxes and the miniaturist in me got inspired. So, on Sunday when I should have been doing something else (there is always something else) I made a princess and a bed for her to sleep in! it was so much fun! I even made her a bag, necklace and a tiara. In a couple of weeks i going to be in a matchbox swap, where we have to make a beautiful matchbox shrine and fill it with beads and buttons. This was practice for the swap!

The matchboxes look nice even without embellishment.
Here she is! Someone said she looked like a diva and she does, actually!
I couldn't resist making her a matching bag;-)
Here she is in her bed with a pink crouched carpet!;-)
This was so much fun, now I'm thinking of making her a whole room!


Christine said...

Oooh I just got a load of matchboxes with a plan to make shrines! I love your little princess!

Anonymous said...

Nu har du ju en lite gullig leksak att lake med! =) Nej jag bara skojar, den lilla prinsessan var jättesöt tyckte jag. Tänk vad man kan hitta på med hjälp av en tänksticksask... Men vad sak du ha henne till? //Catrin

Cecilia said...

:-) Ingen aning! Jag bara tyckte hon var rolig att göra! Kanske till något senare project...


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