Tuesday, May 15

Ceramic Tuesday

Ceramic Tuesday is back! Yesterday I had my first lesson in the summer course, I made a lot of little sculptures and started on some new things but most of all, I finished all the things I had started on. It fun to be back, I had a slope before this break and now I'm back with even more inspiration to make things! This plate was just a thing I had forgotten before the break but now when I look at it, it doesn't look so bad?!

With a lime everything looks good! ;-) Love the green colour of the lime, I did a test the other day called What color are you? You have to answer some questions and then it determines what colour you are, I'm green:-)

Now, I'm off to study a little,
See you!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mycket fint fat, ser ut som ett man kan köpa i affären, men det som är det bästa är attd et är handgjort!! =) ha det fint! //Catrin


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