Monday, May 28

Make- overs

A couple of weeks ago I went thrift shopping and had these thing with me home. This weekend I've spent a lot of time with my mothers sewing machine and I made the table cloths into two/three new bags!(One bag is reversible) In the coming weeks I'll show you what I'm making with the rest of the stuff (almost finished with the basket).

Three table cloths, one basket and two old books that I'm giving a make- over!
This is my new bag fore Uni. It's big which means that there is room for all my stuff and it looks summery!:-)
Here's the reversible bag in the green fabric. This one have already been out on town, on Saturday night I took this with me when meeting up with a friend fore a grass of wine.
And this is how it looks on the other side, that's the last of the black and white fabric from Ikea that I liked so much. (My mother being the model here:-)

Off to study for my last exam this semester!

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