Thursday, May 31

I'm a nerd!

I came home really late last night only to find two bags (!!) full with fabric, lace and velvet ribbons! My dear friend Caroline had been here to drop of some of her mothers fabric that I guess she doesn't use any more! You should have seen me!:-) I think J thought it was really fun!
I sat on the living room floor at 11.30 pm with fabric all over the floor and a big smile on my face:-) It's sometimes really easy to make me happy...I'm a nerd! Fabric nerd

Just look at this, beautiful of trims of old lace, velvet ribbons and little flowery things!
These things in the foreground I call flowers, I really like them! They would look lovely on an ATC or as decorations on a cool bag!
Here's the fabrics! Little bits of fabric in almost every colour! This weeks theme for the Lucky parcels are fabric! Maybe I can part with some of these things?!

Thank you Caroline!
och Carolines mamma!


Felicia said...

They're all so lovely I'd have to bury myself in them too :)

Caroline said...

haha, my mother was so happy to get rid of that bag...


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