Monday, May 14

New flickr group

I'm in a new fun group at flickr! Small secret parcels, we have to put a little parcel together with crafting supplies in a given colour scheme. The colour is announced on Fridays, this Friday the colour was white & crème. Everyone post a picture of their parcels on flickr and then we trade with each other. This was my first round in this group so I made three parcels and they where all gone in a day! This means that I'm going to get three parcels from the others and let me tell you there are some talented people in this group!

Here's how my parcels look wrapped.
This is the content in one of the parcels, the content is pretty much similar in each parcel.
Here's a pic of what supplies I used to put it together. I love the colour scheme in this on but last week the colour was pink which I also like...

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