Friday, May 18

The new chunky pages are ready to go in the mail

For my other group on flickr, "around the world"- chunky page swap. This time we had travel as the theme and it got me thinking about the travels I did as a child. My mother is from Denmark so we spent many summers there visiting family and friend. We often rented a house in the country side of by the sea and just did nothing for a week. I remember my parents being much more relaxed and happy which made us children more happy and relaxed. As an adult I still love travelling but now I travel as far away as possible, forgetting about my summers in Denmark.

I included sand in the parcel, that I brought home with me last time I was in Langeland. Hopefully this will not cause to much inconvenience to the receiver! ;-) The parcel also comes with a note, the picture is cut out of a magazine article about Langeland.

Have a really nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

Nu förstår jag inte riktigt!! Vill du glömma era sommrar i Danmark eller du börjar blir så "gammal" att minnena svikar?? Fint var det i alla fall!! //Catrin

Cecilia said...

Tack! Nej jag menade nog mer att jag glömmer ibland att man inte behöver resa så långt bort för att kunna koppla av...
;-) ha det bra!


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