Tuesday, May 29

Ceramic Tuesday

The weather is so warm today it's like summer! So, I took a break from exam studying and cared for my plants a little. I have been growing sunflowers all spring and lately they have been in need of bigger flowerpots. What better than to make them myself?!
So, that is what ceramic Tuesdays is about, more pots. Yesterday I came home with two new pots, as you can see in the first picture. One bigger in a traditional flowerpot- shape and the other in a more jug- like shape. From the beginning I was going to make a jug but the clay was to wet the shape kept collapsing all the time. I didn't like the finished result and thought I could just put it away somewhere where I wouldn't ever see it again. And now its on the balcony where I'll see it everyday:-)

Here they are in two different colours of blue
I made them all!:-) Don't look at the plants, I know they look sad but I just gave them new soil, flowerpots and a better place in the shadow. So they will look happier in a couple of days!
These flowers look a lot happier. Here is also where I keep the candle light holders I made a while back. In the mini greenhouse I growing lavender, what a fantastic smell they will give! You could say that I made those too?:-)
I'm currently re-decorating our little balcony so it will be a nice place to have dinner in summer nights and just be a nice place to sit. Maybe it will be finished this weekend?

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Felicia said...

Your new pots are fantastic!


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