Monday, May 14

New things are good, right?

Sunday was spent running around in circles and telling me how much I have to do... This means that I'm stressed...

Let me explain. I have a lot of things on my to do-list at the moment and what do I do?
Of course, I give myself more things to do, like joining two more groups on flickr and some more swaps at swap- bot!! And instead of finishing my old projects, I start some new ones. Because we all know that it's so much more fun to start something new than finishing something old?! ;-)

We when thrift shopping this weekend and I got some more things to make something new with! And I also when to a exhibition, it was my ceramics teacher who has opened a little gallery where she exhibits her own and others work. It was really inspiring! She also has a little shop in her gallery, where she sells all kinds of ornaments. I saw these pretty little crows and said to my mother that I can make that for you;-/ and of course, the next day when I saw her she had bought steel wire for me to start making her crowns! So, that's what I'm working on now!

These are my bargains from thrift shopping. I'm going to make myself a bag out of the old linen cloths and some altered book art from the old books!

I also bought a cat...No, that's just Emil:-) He like my basket! I did buy some white spray paint and was going to repaint the basket. But I didn't buy enough colour so it will have to be a project for next weekend...
Here are the crowns I making and in the background you can see my mothers foot swinging impatiently, just waiting for them to be finished!;-)
Finally, a finished project to show you! This is some easy cards to give away with flowers or a little gift. I sat down and cut out small pictures from magazines that I liked and then sewed then onto a matching piece of paper. Eazy peazy!


Anonymous said...

ja du hinner helt klart med en del, jag förstår inte hur du fixar allt med skola, pyssel och träning! =) men dina saker är fian som vanligt och ger mig inspiration. De där kronorna som du gör till Pia vill jag gärna se mer av, färdiga och hur man kan ha dem, typ...
men Emil är ju också bara för söt!! kram Catrin

Cecilia said...

trevligt att du kommer med lite önskemål om vad jag kan visa här! Jag kommer definitivt att visa vad och hur man kan göra med kronorna. men det dröjer ett par dar...mycket till skolan nu!
Visst, e han söt! Man skulle vilja äta upp honom!:-)

Ha det bra!


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