Thursday, May 31

Steel wire crown tutorial

Finally, I've put a tutorial together on how to make the steel wire crowns. I have tried to include as many pictures as possible to make the tutorial clear. Please send me a comment if there are anything yo don't understand with the tutorial!
Good luck!
A little warning, if you are going to use these as candle light holders do not put beads in the top, they will melt!

1. This is what you need to make your crown: A cutting pliers and if you have some other tongs(round), steel wire (approx. 0,5mm thick) and beads of your choice. Big crown= big beads
Small crown= small beads
2. First you make a circle with the steel wire. This is going to be the basis of the crown, make sure it fits around or on top of the thing you are going to use it for.
3. After that you cut our six equally long bits of wire. For the small sized crown I made these where 14 cm(5,5 inches) long and the circle was 5 cm (2 inches) in diameter.
4. Now you have to attach the first piece using 1cm (0,5 inch) of the wire.
5. Continue doing this with all six of the pieces with intervals of even distance.
6. This is what is should look like when you've gotten this far. Hopefully all pieces are equally long, if not the crown will look a little wonky:-)
7. Now you have to gather all the strings together in the middle and attach them with a piece of steel wire.
8. Just like this.
9. Try to bend them all out so that the shape of the crown will be easy to do.
10. After I bent them all a little I just pressed down and this shape came out. This is basicly the crown shape, if you want you can adjust and shape it from here. Depending on how you what your crown to look, little rounder shape or more geometric, this is where you fix it.
11. Now to the top of the crown. I have made my crowns with this rounded top. You could also put a bead on the ends and bend them in. Your imagination is the limit!
12. This is what it looked like when I started...
13. ...and this is the finished result.
14. Now you have the foundation of the crown. from here you decide how you what to decorate it or if you want to decorate it. Make sure you have enough beads when you start to cover the whole crown (One of my first mistakes) Also, don't put beads in the top if you are going to use this as candle holder, they will melt!
15. Attaching beads is best done with a short piece of wire at a time. Taking one long and thinking it will last for one crown will for sure make you entangled in it and probably just make you angry, which will lead to you never finishing this beautiful piece;-)
16. Here's the first bead attached on the crown!
17. and the second!
18. This is the finished result! But do learn from my mistake: If you are making a small crown as I was, don't place the beads like this in the top. As mentioned before: they will melt! If you are making a bigger one; no problem!
Have fun making crowns!


Anonymous said...

Hej!! det var en mycket bra beskrivning du hade gjort med kronorna! =) jag frstod inte hur jag tänkte när jag skulle försöka göra dem första gången!! men jag tror att jag viker ner topparna , om man säger så, till sist för annars var de ivägen när jag virade ståltråd med pärlor på. Med lite träning så blir de npg bättre med tiden! tack för tipset!! =) //Catrin

Anonymous said...

Oh Thank you Thank you ! I live in the USA and have been looking for just what your web page provided.
It has truly inspired me and opened up creativity to make more crowns in gold and copper wire too.
many many thanks,

an Irishkatydid

Anonymous said...

I have just started playing around with wire and beads when I found your instructions for these beautiful little crowns on Pintrest. Not only will I make a few of these for friend and family but I will use this idea to make little tables, chairs and beds for a fairy garden my friend is making.Thank you so much for the idea and instuctions!


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