Monday, May 21

I love swapping!

This afternoon when I sat by the computer trying to write something for Uni something much more fun came in the mail! I got three lovely packages, one ATC from HeatherSB, six different teabags and lost of nice paper!

This is from Heather who also has a blog with all her creations. I just love the colours she use!
The teabags are from one of my partners in Tea swap #9. This is all teas that I haven't tried before, so this is what I'm drinking the next couple of days! This was a nice and easy swap, we have three partners so I know there will be more in the mail the next couple of days.
I can't tell you how much I enjoy swapping! This is from a one of my swap partners (we have two), she sent me so many nice pieces of paper I don't even know what to do with it! ;-)

Soon I'll be off to my ceramics course, there's no end to all the goodness today!
May you all have a equally good day!

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