Tuesday, May 8

In the end...a good day

After a loooong day in school (outside all day) I came home late and was soo tired. When I opened the front door there was two envelopes for me, with some really nice thing in them!
Swapping made my day!

This is a ATC from Stephanie/Calebsmom_02 in her "tea time"-series. I love chai tea, so this was the perfect card for me:-)
She also sent me some nice paper scraps and a poem by Shakespeare, which I think is a lovely feature when sending something in a swap. Extras are always welcome!
This nice package was also in the mail for me. This is for the Tiny box of joy-swap that I'm in. My partner have really gone the extra mile here! Three matchboxes full with goodies, buttons, beads, ribbons, paper-clips and more!
This is how it looked when I opened the envelope! Looks nice, doesn't it?

Now I'm going to relax in front of the TV for the rest of the night, I have a long day tomorrow as well...

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