Thursday, May 3

Finally some ATC:s!

I think that I got lost in having too much going on, all my inspiration just flew out the window and I just felt so tired. But then, on Monday my inspiration came back to me! And I made these four ATC:s!
I love working in colour schemes, colour inspires me! The picture of the girl is taken from a clothes magazine, Noa Noa, the same picture was displayed eight times in the mag. The colours of the dress and the parasols was inspiring to look at!
After making these, I got sick and I'm still I'll just post some of the things I made this weekend and hopefully I'll get better by the weekend and next week I be back with posting regularly again.

The blue one is traded but the others are still available if someone out there are interested in trading with me?


Felicia said...

Those are terrific. I'm never tried making an ATC. Folks collect them like trading cards, right? I love the button embellishements on yours.

Cecilia said...

yes, they do. I'm kind of new to it as well but now I love making them! If you are into crafting with paper I can really recommend making ATC and then join in a group at flickr;-)


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